ICT Smart Farm
  • Provide the environment necessary for plant cultivation and It is provided in the form of an in-door plant factory that allows the plant to grow under comprehensive control of 
  • environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, air flow, etc. in an environment without sunlight.
  • The integrated control system provides functions such as cultivation environment monitoring and control, lighting control, and remote management.
LED Lighting
  • New Lighting by Broadband technology
  • Suitable wavelength and light intensity for plant growth
  • Light intensity control system for user demanded (option)
Air Conditioning
  • Optimal growth environment maintain by air conditioning and heating control
  • Environment factor control of Temperature, Humidity, CO2
  • anti-inflow system of bugs and insect (option)
Cultivation Frame
  • High space coefficient of utilization by multi layer cultivation bed
Environment monitoring
  • Real-time monitoring of temperature, humidity, CO2 in the cultivation space
  • GUI display of monitoring data
Irrigation system
  • EC and pH of nutrient and irrigation volume control according to each crop and cultivation method
  • provided effective irrigation system through irrigation by area
Integrated Control system
  • User profile creation functionØ Remote control using ICT technology