It’s pleasant to welcome you to visit Sinhwa co., Ltd.

Sinhwa Construction co,. Ltd experts of civil engineering, construction and landscaping, and has grown up conducting SOC business, construction, landscaping, greenhouse building and etc.

Sinhwa focused every capability on preparing agri-bio fusion business for its newly exteding field, as agri-bio fusion business is one of the axis of 4th Industrial Revolution.

Growing-Plant LED related products and technologies, as a part of fusion-complex-light technology, are now getting ready for extend to other various industrial fields, and Sinhwa promises to be a main axis of Korean fusion complex light technology, by researching/developing new products considering market needs.

We intends a coexistent company based on the principles of honesty, fidelity,

and new creation and aim at a leading company in the 21st century through achieving customer satisfaction based on

precise technology and faithful construction.


Future-Oriented Management
-Reinforcement of Corporate Competitiveness Thant Meets Global Trends
-Creation of Future Profits with Advanced Management


Trust-Based Management
-Providing the Best Goods and Service and Creation of Customer Confidence
-Practice of Competition in Good Faith in a Fair and Transparent Way
-Creation of Sound Corporate Culture on the Basis of Mutual Trust


Knowledge Management
-Advanced Management through Collection and Developing Excellent Personnel
-Increased Efficiency of Working Process by Active Creation of Knowledge